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Payment Solutions

We are a consulting firm specializing in payment solutions. With a strong focus on efficiency, innovation, and profitability, we provide custom merchant services that allow payments and card business lines to run optimally


Specializing in payment solutions for the Card Non Present work (CNP), we deliver custom merchant services that allow payments and card business lines to run optimally, with a strong focus on efficiency, innovation, and profitability.


We are on constant innovation tailoring a merchant solution that maximizes your profitability, streamlines your payment system, and implements tier 1 fraud tools and reconciliation reporting, to mitigate exposure.


We will make sure to assist you throughout the entire merchant account acquiring process, from contract negotiations, compliance, and underwriting, down to technical integration.

Our Services

We can manage all spheres of your billing operations
  • International merchant account placement
  • Integration support
  • PCI DSS guidance
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Gateway analytics and conversion optimization
  • Risk Management, fraud monitoring and loss prevention
  • Reputation and bank relationship management
  • Chargeback reduction strategies
  • Market expansion
  • Inbound customer support
  • Offshore incorporation assistance

International Merchant
Account Placement

eConsult Pro assists in quickly opening a merchant account to leverage off competitive terms and ideal payout schedules.


Risk Management

eConsult Pro oversees online processing performance to ensure it complies with the card association regulations and thresholds while maintaining optimal efficiency.
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Security filter recommendations
  • Fraud and chargeback monitoring
  • Affiliate fraud management
  • Chargeback representment and loss prevention
  • Chargeback reduction strategies
  • Reputation management
  • Customer service analytics

PCI DSS Guidance

The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a requirement for merchants to comply with, for secure storing, processing and transmission of cardholder information. PCI-DSS has been adopted and endorsed by all the major card brands (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and JCB).

Compliance with the PCI-DSS may at first seem intimidating, but if it’s based on the premise of risk-based good practices that an organization should inherently adapt and deploy, in order to reduce operating risks, then it makes business sense to adhere to these requirements.

eConsult Pro assists in determining how your business can best comply with the PCI DSS and therefore operate in the most protected and secure environment.

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